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Who We Are

The Tobacco Free Alliance of Virginia is a broad partnership of private, not for profit and public leaders and organizations united in their focus on pricing of tobacco products, creating comprehensive tobacco-free environments, and supporting and sharing tobacco prevention and cessation.

The Tobacco Free Alliance of Virginia represents Virginia residents, businesses, academic institutions, health care providers, community-based organizations, non-profit groups, state agencies, and advocates.

Promote coordination and collaboration of efforts by tobacco prevention advocates.
Educate policy makers and the public about strategies to create tobacco free communities.


Engage in proactive advocacy for policies, systems, and environmental change to eliminate tobacco use.
Use evidence-based approaches to assure sustainable, replicable changes statewide.

TFAV Committees

The Legislative Committee

  • Works to monitor and review legislative initiatives around tobacco-related issues
  • Makes recommendations for future legislative priorities
  • Has beneficial reach into the goings on of Virginia politics
  • Represents the Alliance in strategic efforts pertaining to policy or the democratic process
  • Engages members to participate in direct education or the dissemination of information during times of policy change or General Assembly sessions

The Membership Committee

  • Supports the mission and strategic plan of TFAV via collaboration with the executive committee and members
  • Review strategies, challenges, and needs in order to provide insight on membership recruitment, engagement and retention
  • Assess and recommend products, services, and programs that will add value to the membership

The Communication Committee

  • Ensures coalition members stay up-to-date regarding recent tobacco control activities
  • Maintains interactive communication with members by providing alliance updates, news, and other timely information to members during the time between meetings
  • Contacts members with any requests for input or action that may arise during times of local policy change or General Assembly sessions
  • Supports and maintains the TFAV website, social media accounts, and satisfies any technology requirements of the Alliance

Featured Member Organizations

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